There are so many great resources out there in so many different forms. In this series I will highlight some of the best podcasts that are related directly and indirectly to business. I'll be sharing some specific episodes and some podcasts as a whole, mainly because some podcasts don't maintain all of their episodes due to hosting costs. If you aren't yet familiar with podcasts, definitely give them a try.

Freakonmics is a podcast that talks about ideas in ways you might not have thought about before. Different ideas about how automation will affect the world around us, how should you build a team that works well together, how medical information isn't as empirical as we might think, the cost of wearing shoes and much more.

In every episode, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner do a great job of presenting questions and then field experts in the related fields to try to answer those questions. It often helps me think about ideas in different ways that I might not normally come across, but in a really compelling way that is fresh and original.


Freakonomics publishes an episode once a week on Wednesday's. This is usually a safe-for-work easy-listening podcast that is suitable for all audiences. I would probably suggest having some sort of note taking method available, because you will likely hear about something you would like to research more yourself or change in your day to day life.


This is a great podcast where if you have a flight or a long traveling day, you could download the whole archive of shows and enjoy each episode back-to-back. Again, you will probably want to be ready to take notes. The episode that I am highlighting today is about the wearing shoes which something that is a given for most people and may help many get on a healthier track.