There are so many great resources out there in so many different forms. In this series I am highlighting some of the best podcasts that are related directly and indirectly to business. If you aren't yet familiar with podcasts, definitely give them a try.

As a business it is important to stay up on the where technology is trending. Is this the right time to make a purchasing decision or should you wait? How are your clients interacting with your business online? Should you be producing VR content or a podcast and what form is best for the information you are trying to portray. The Gadget Lab is a podcast that goes directly into discussions about prevalent topics of the week like launch events from companies such as Amazon and Apple and the effect they may have.


The Gadget Lab posts a new episode every week on Friday's. It is a little less suitable for children as the hosts will tend to cuss very moderately occasion. You likely won't need or want to take notes very often. They do offer various recommendations at the end of the show for different hardware or services. I imagine some people might want to skip to this section every once and a while.


Because The Gadget Lab is a weekly podcast, generally based on current events on the technology industry, the latest episode will usually be the best to listen to. I would probably recommend setting your podcast app to delete all but the latest episode.