There are so many great resources out there in so many different forms. In this series I am highlighting some of the best podcasts that are related directly and indirectly to business. If you aren't yet familiar with podcasts, definitely give them a try.

Last week I highlighted The Pitch podcast. I really enjoy hearing about a variety of companies, but this week I thought I would highlight the Hello Code podcast which is all about the company Hello Code and the products they develop (Exist, Larder, and Changemap).


Hello Code doesn't have a schedule at the moment and instead usually post when some major changes have occurred. This is a family friendly podcast. This is a very laid back style podcast and you won't need to be ready to madly take notes down, although as usual, you will likely come across an idea or two that you will want to remember.



One of the main focuses of this episode was discussing the survey results they ran this past July. How they prioritize and balance the features they plan on making. They discuss what users are wanting in their Exist product, and the integrations their users are interested in and finally they talk about Apple selectively enforcing how Exist charges its iOS users.

I think the main highlight of the episode is that Belle is working full time on Exist now. Before, their products were not bringing in enough revenue to pay both Belle and Josh. Now that Belle is working full time I am very excited to see how much more they are able to achieve. I personally use Exist so I am invested in what they are able to do.