There are so many great resources out there in so many different forms. In this series I will highlight some of the best podcasts that are related directly and indirectly to business. I'll be sharing some specific episodes and some podcasts as a whole, mainly because some podcasts don't maintain all of their episodes due to hosting costs. If you aren't yet familiar with podcasts, definitely give them a try.

With almost any process, I enjoy listening to the behind the scenes work. What was the thinking behind the idea, what did they have to do in the project that was unique to get it off the ground and how do other people perceive the idea? There are always so many directions you can head. Selling coffee? You might consider selling directly to the consumer, business to business, or to wholesale suppliers. Once you have decided on how you want to sell, it makes a big difference to how you are going to market yourself.

The Pitch is about businesses pitching investors on their companies for investment. I think it's a good exercise to hear about what investors like and dislike in companies, even if you are not currently looking for an investor. For me, I think it helps to hear what the investor would have done. They are oftentimes less emotionally attached to the ideas and can say 'maybe you should try something else' or 'this is probably time to sell the company'. And if they like the idea, then asking things like is it scaleable, how do you plan on putting your team together, is the founder a strong leader?

I also really enjoy learning about how people think about their own business structures and business models in a really transparent ways. The main catch with with podcast is the investors will talk about why they did or did not invest in the company behind the scenes at the end.


This podcast runs in seasons, which posts once a week on Wednesday's when the season is running. It is generally suitable for all audiences. This isn't a podcast where you necessarily need to be actively ready to take notes, but it may help generate some ideas for your business.


The episode I am highlighting today is about a gambling and selling slot machines to casinos. The founders are creating their own original games with the goal of bringing in a younger audience to casinos through a better gaming experience and their claim is that current machines are not capturing their interest.