There are so many helpful applications out there - and a bunch of junk as well! Finding good applications that really fit your needs can be hard and it requires a lot of time. Here are some of our top suggestions to get you started.


The first application I would suggest is Business Calendar. It has many advanced settings to make it work like you need it to. It allows you to view calendars from as many different accounts as you want, and adjust exactly which calendars you can see from each. You can create groups of calendars and toggle them on and off, so your not always having to juggle turning the same 10 off and on!

It has a few great widget options so you can keep your calendar front and center on your homescreen, especially if you have a larger phone. You can customize the hours that the widget displays (I do 6am-7pm), so if you do shift work, or have weird schedule in general, it should fit your needs for whenever your day typically starts. Play Store link.


The next application I would like to share is Press, an RSS reader. Unfortunately it is a bit out of date at this point, the last time it was updated was in January 2014. But it still works, and I have never found anything quite like it to replace it.

It allows you to change the theme to black, sometimes better known as night mode, which is much easier on the eyes. It features an optional immersive mode that will allow the articles to be viewed full screen. You can set it to sync in the background up to every 6 hours, saving data while you are on the go. It will even cache the images in the background properly. Play Store link.


If you use Twitter, Talon is a wonderful 3rd party application. The main feature for me is that fact that it allows you to view your timeline in chronological order, rather than the algorithmic timeline where Twitter tries to show you what it thinks you want to see.

A theme for me, it seems, is to seek apps that allow night mode - and Talon indeed supports it, and you can also change the highlight colors to what you would like as well. It also has great filters built in, so if you want to filter our, say a political names, you can! It also allows you to switch between two accounts, although no more than that. Play Store link.


is the next application. Pushbullet allows you to really easily send things from one place to another. So say I want to share an article with you. While there are abundant options that Android sharing allows, you can send something in fewer taps if you have the application already setup. Play Store link.


Out of all of these recommendations, Pocket is probably the most well known out of all of them, but still definitely worth mentioning if you haven't come across it yet. Pocket allows you to save articles and videos for viewing later. For the articles (I have never really bothered with the video aspect) it strips the advertisements away and makes for a very pleasing reading environment. You have quite a few settings you can play with as well, including the black background option. Play Store link.


I like to create voice recordings pretty often so I can get ideas down quickly. Voice Recorder Pro fills this need really nicely. It has great design and makes it really easy to select the level of quality you want and just hit record.

It also allows automatic cloud sharing, so if you lose your phone, or just want to have the recording available elsewhere to process, it makes the process seamless. If you have even specific if it can upload over the network or just over wifi. Play Store link.

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