If you are a no-nonsense kind of person and just want actionable advice, the Sean Wes Podcast is an excellent resource to have on hand. I especially enjoy listening to it when I feel like I am running out of ideas.

I have learned a lot of Sean Wes, much of it has to do with writing and many technical aspects of running a business, including topics on things like email marketing. A big takeaway for me has been to write every day. I use this to help process my ideas, create new video scripts etc, and I've created much more than I would have if I was to commit to just writing on Mondays.

He is just now releasing a book called Overlap on starting a business while maintaining your full-time job.


Sean releases a new podcast almost every Wednesday. One of the things you will hear over and over from Sean is how important the release schedule is. Otherwise, people tend to forget about what you are doing if they don't know exactly when it is that you publish. As a side note, Sean also offers a no-charge audience building course that is high quality.

Episode Suggestion

This podcast only releases the past 10 episodes and the rest are taken down from the feed and put into their membership vault for subscribers to listen to after that. So I would listen to the latest episode and subscribe. Here's one of Sean's latest episodes from his video series that won't go away that gives some solid advice about processes.