There are so many great resources out there in so many different forms. In this series I will highlight some of the best podcasts that are related directly and indirectly to business. I'll be sharing some specific episodes and some podcasts as a whole, mainly because some podcasts don't maintain all of their episodes due to hosting costs. If you aren't yet familiar with podcasts, definitely give them a try.

Side Hustle School is about creating a side income. It might be about creating a side income, but many of the lessons and ideas can be directly applied to your work. Whether it be on unique advertising ideas that you can apply to your industry, specific service suggestions for the type of product or services you are selling, managing your time, the thought processes behind creating a new product or service and more.


A new podcast is posted every morning for at least the rest of 2017 and I suspect that they will continue publishing, at least periodically, indefinitely. This is a safe-for-work easy-listening podcast that is suitable for just about anything you are doing. I sometimes put it on in the background and binge listen while I am exercising, looking for a little bit of inspiration for my own business and in many other situations. I would suggest that you have some way of making notes, whether that be digital or on paper. I often prefer audio notes so I can quickly get back to listening. You likely will come across something you will want to implement or generate your own unique ideas based on what it's being discussed in almost every episode.

Episode suggestion

All of the podcasts in this series have something to offer, but their podcast on "American Expat Coaches Families Who Move Overseas" is a great sample of what it has to offer. My main takeaway from this episode how Jeff found a need that he already had direct experience with and created a resource and service to meet it.