Every week we make consistent updates to our courses with new material, many times based on your feedback. Here's what we did this week!

We are in full content creation mode right now and there is a lot in the works. On August 14th we will be launching our Automation course followed by our Productivity course on August 21st. Note that while our automation course is not released, our more done subscribers receive beta access which is why you will see updates for things that are not yet available to everyone else.

  • New note: created a note on our favorite free stock photo resource to some of our favorite collections to make it even easier to find what you need - Creative Tools & Assets
  • New livestream: weekly livestream - Livestream archive (we completed our first livestream. However we will not be making this available as we were working through a few bugs and will reiterate some of what we went over in our next livestream).
  • New video: getting started with automation - Automation
  • New post: free vector art - Creative Tools & Assets

Some plans for this next week

  • Building a basic website - Creative Tools & Assets
  • New free stock photo resource - Creative Tools & Assets
  • How to build a powerful form - Automation
  • Make windows management faster and easier - Productivity management